Before I began my academic career trajectory, I was exposed to clinical medicine while serving as a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman. Throughout my undergraduate education I worked as a Registered Medical Assistant and a Study Coordinator for NHLBI-funded clinical trial AIM-HIGH. During this time, I formed an appreciation for the complexity of vascular disease. In fact, acknowledgement of the vast disconnect between the pathophysiological basis of vascular disease and current therapeutic options is what led me to pursue a Ph.D. in Dr. Shawn Bearden’s Lab at Idaho State University. My dissertation was centered on investigating how elevated levels of plasma homocysteine initiate and propagate small blood vessel disease. Following graduate school, I completed a four year postdoctoral fellowship in Dr. Sarah Yuan’s Lab where my efforts broadened to investigating commonalities in how microvessels respond to a host of inflammatory mediators. I am now an Assistant Research Professor at Boise State University where my lab continues to research microvascular pathologies during aberrant inflammatory challenges.